Isham Jones Realty Selling Secret #8  – Your only impression is the first one

Homes for Sale Crossville, TN | Real Estate CrossvilleWhen it comes to home buying, in most cases, you really can judge a book by its cover. Most buyers judged your home before entering the doors. They call it a “first” impression for a reason – you only get one. That sense of welcome, warmth, and safety must be felt before people ring the doorbell. It’s fairly inexpensive to give your exterior the bright colors, flowers, and shrubs it needs to look its best. Money spent on this kind of curb appeal could end up right back in your pocket if done correctly. So you’ve gotten them to ring the doorbell. You invite them in. How does your entryway look? Be sure to have welcoming gestures like beautiful flowers, or a bowl of treats. Remember, it’s important for buyers to immediately feel as though they are “in their home.”


Isham Jones Realty Selling Secret # 7 – The price is right (no not the game show)


What’s your home worth? Sellers want the highest price possible. Buyers love to crush sellers with low bids. In today’s market, buyers will eventually bid up to a point that is your home’s true worth. However, initial pricing is critical because proper pricing eliminates waste of time, and time is money. Your Isham Jones Realty agent is skilled in pricing and negotiating strategies to help you get the most out of selling your home. .


Homes for Sale Crossville, TN | Real Estate Crossville

Isham Jones Realty Selling Secret #6- Empty your closets (at least half way)


Time to invest in some storage space. The best thing to do is to pack away half of what’s currently in your closet and organize the remaining half. Buyers love to snoop around, so it’s important to keep things looking neat and organized.


Isham Jones Realty Selling Secret # 5 – Hide your kids, your wife, your LIFE


This part might seem a little sad, but trust us, it’s the right “move” – if you get our drift. When prepping your house to sell it’s important to remove your personal items. Make your house look as generic as possible. When your stuff is all throughout the house it’s very difficult for a prospective buyer to picture themselves living in that house. So memorabilia, family photos, and personal keepsakes all need to be hidden or removed. If it’s in the budget, it might not be a bad idea to hire a home stager. Home stagers rearrange furniture and maximize your floor plan to really showcase our home.



Isham Jones Realty Selling Secret # 4 – Lighten Up  Homes for Sale Crossville, TN | Real Estate Crossville


Location of the property is probably first on a buyer’s list.  But a very close second is good lighting. It’s important to maximize light in your home. Change your lampshades and up your light bulb wattage. Then, take your drapes down, clean off your windows, trim any bushes outside and let those beautiful rays of sunshine fill the home. Sunscreens?Put them in the garage.  It is a secret from new home builders who never show their models with darkening screens. A bright and cheery house is far more sellable.


Isham Jones Selling Secret # 3 – Hello kitty, goodbye buyer


Sorry, but no pets allowed! You know that feeling when you love your pets but another person’s pet kind of bothers you? Well buyers feel the exact same way. Whether they like or don’t like pets, they have no desire to buy a home that has YOUR pet. Sadly, not everyone is a dog or cat lover. Buyers don’t want to see the bowl of puppy chow, they don’t want to smell the kitty litter, and they especially don’t want clumps of pet hair clinging to their clothes. So for the sake of selling your home, it’s important to make sure your pets are invisible. The last thing you want is to have an open house and every buyer thinking that your home isn’t all that clean.


Homes for Sale Crossville, TN | Real Estate Crossville

Isham Jones Realty Selling Secret # 2 – Sell me the kitchen and I’ll take the rest of the home


Where the kitchen goes, so does the house. Yep, the kitchen is that important to selling your home. Remodeling your kitchen can be expensive, but a majority of the time 85% of the money you spend ends up right back in your pocket. Think about it this way, you’ll spend a few grand replacing countertops and updating the overall look of your kitchen, but if you don’t a buyer will knock about $10,000 off your asking price. Other kitchens might be updated, but have little wear-and-tear. No problem. Pick up some paint, new cabinet hardware, and get to work. But remember who you’re doing this for. It’s important not to paint colors YOU would like. Or to buy hardware YOU would enjoy. The buyer wants to envision their own kitchen and how THEY would paint and remodel. So be sure to give that kitchen a blank canvas look. Also, try to have at least one high-end appliance in the kitchen. This way, buyers assume that all of your appliances are high-end, making your kitchen that much more appealing.


Isham Jones Realty Selling Secret # 1 – It’s showtime! Always be ready for the curtain call


Imagine your house the cleanest it has ever been. Well, it’s time to keep it that way until it sells! The curtain is up, the stage is set, and it’s officially show time. There’s zero dishes in the sink, zero dishes in the dishwasher, the bathrooms are sparkling clean, and you don’t even remember what dust bunnies look like. This is how perfect your “show-ready” home needs to be. You never know when a buyer is going to take a look at your home, so be available at all times, and make sure your home is on its “A game”. It’s Sell time!


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