J. Bilbrey

When we started looking at buying a house we thought we knew what we wanted. Well turns out we were wrong. With never buying before this was a new experience for us. Leslie provided great details with each step on what to expect and held our hand the entire way. After looking at a couple homes we thought we found one we liked. Well even after then she realized it was that perfect one we were after so she didn’t stop. The very next day as we were about to offer she stopped us and said before you do look at one more. Well we did and it was winner winner chicken dinner. Perfect house that fit our budget and checked off all the boxes !! Once we knew that was the one she pointed us in the right direction for our unique situation to get the Financing approved !! Within the next 30 days she kept us Informed of what was happening and what was next to come. Once the deal was complete and final she has stayed in contact to see how everything was going ! So to sum up the experience, if you think about going with anybody else, then your settling, DONT SETTLE, GET LESLIE LETNER !!!